Wine lovers suckered by fake labels

happy camper wine labelMore great research from Cornell University reported in this UPI story.

Long story short: Researchers served $2/bottle wine to diners with two different labels — one from California and the other from North Dakota. “The California drinkers stayed at the table longer, ate more of the food and ranked the food and wine highest, the study found.”

Draw your own conclusions.

I loved the variety of headlines I found while googling this story:

I have no clue how good Happy Camper wine is. I just like the label.

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4 thoughts on “Wine lovers suckered by fake labels”

  1. Christine: And I didn’t mention, this study was conducted in the heartland: the Spice Box restaurant in Urbana, Ill.

  2. How funny! I was at a gathering of friends a few weekends ago, and someone brought a bottle of Happy Camper wine for me – we opened it towards the end of the evening, so I’m not sure how reliable a review I could give! Perhaps I should stock up on it when I move into the Airstream….

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