Clipped verbascum

Six weeks ago, Kim (aka blackswampgirl) over at A Study in Contrasts was curious what would happen to the verbascum that I topped for one of my June bloom day scans.

It didn’t take Tracy DiSabato-Aust to predict this one: It threw out some side flower stalks from just below the cut, bloomed later and stayed shorter.

The image below also shows off one of the other features I like about this verbascum. After a good rain, the petals scatter like confetti and collect on the lower leaves.

clipped verbascum

And of course, I can’t shoot a verbascum without shooting the honeybees:

bee on verbascum

And this one with another pollinator:

pollinators on verbascum

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6 thoughts on “Clipped verbascum”

  1. How beautiful that looks with the succulents/cacti around it. (And even better, it apparently attracts lots of pollinators, too. I can’t wait.)

  2. Great closeups of the bees and the flowers. I think I like the sideshoots better than just the one flower stalk. What do you think?

  3. Boy, I agree with the folks above – those images are beautiful (especially the yellow petals falling down on the leaves – you’re right, those are perfect).

  4. Very lovely-plant, flowers,bees. Verbascum is another one of those flowers I want to try this fall-i already ordered the seeds.

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