Belated bloom day: One of those springs

It’s been a busy spring, evidenced by Elly’s bike being overrun by the clematis on the back porch. She hasn’t had time to tune it up. I haven’t had time to tie it up.

june pix and scans

I did have a chance to do a quick scan over the weekend using a new scanner that will take some getting used to. (I say new, it was a hand-me-down but works with Windows 7. If anyone needs a scanner that will only work with Windows XP, I’ve got half a dozen that are headed to the electronics recycling bin very soon.)

june pix and scans

And only time for one 4-square Giselle.

june pix and scans

And shot a few pix with lousy light last night.

Yeah. Bishops weed is a pain in the ass. It’s also lovely.
june pix and scans

Honeybells (Nectaroscordum siculum), not a great display this year, but still a favorite.
june pix and scans

Always love the goatsbeard glow.
june pix and scans

One of the many irises blooming now.
june pix and scans

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5 thoughts on “Belated bloom day: One of those springs”

  1. Saw some Nectaroscordum in the hood and thought of y’all. Your goatsbeard looks fantastic! How old is that stand?
    Hope the bike gets to come out soon 🙂

  2. what is the tall silver-blue plant near the bottle trees in the background of the bishop’s weed picture? it’s like 6 ft tall dusty miller… looks very cool!! well, all of them are very cool:) i’ve just never seen that plant before.

  3. Lynn:

    Brought one plant with me when we moved in in 1999. Divided it a few years later into ~5 plants along the fence. Troublefree ever since.


    That’s Scotch thistle (Onopordum acanthium), a biennial. Great architectural plant. But as you can see, it seeds around a bit. Be forewarned.


    Yes. Buy some now. Or find someone in the neighborhood with some. It’s a great passalong plant.

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