Pulmonaria … I think

Not sure where this plant came from. I think it’s a pulmonaria. There are some faint markings on the leaves — which is what you really what you really look for in a pulmonaria. The plant is butt ugly. But I’ve never seen one with better flowers from anything in this genus.






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9 thoughts on “Pulmonaria … I think”

  1. hahahahah!!!, “butt ugly”. it’s better looking than some plants and certainly better looking than most weeds…?

  2. I agree with Charlie — The blooms are beautiful … Pulmonaria aren’t typically the most attractive plant either. Maybe this is an exception.

  3. I am not familiar with Pulmonaria, so I am not sure about the exact identity of this plant. But it is very beautiful, carrying beautiful shade of blue.

  4. “The blooms are gorgeous; it is too bad the foliage is not more of a positive for this plant”

    Indeed, couldn’t agree more..

  5. The pink plant is a hellebore, obviously I don’t which one as its not my garden. The blue of the pulmonaria is beautiful.

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