With the warming temps, the spring ephemerals are coming on.

Eranthis, a special variety though I don’t know its name.


Iris histrioides ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ (Thanks Lynn.)


Iris reticulata


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4 thoughts on “Ephemerals”

  1. WOW!! the color on those katharine hodgkin irises is amazing. very delicate, like it was put on with watercolors and a fine brush (and steady hand, haha!). i’ve never seen anything like that. lovely!

  2. Ah! So happy your Katies are happy! That’s a nice patch! Mine did not bloom here last year, and when I dug the bulbs to bring them to our new place, they didn’t look too hot. Maybe too much water. We only have leaves of bulbs in our shady yard, with one crocus bud starting. Something to look forward to!

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