Cyclamen angels

I was surprised to find a huge tuber buried in the pot of the florist’s cyclamen I bought last winter from Hortus Forum, our undergrad horticulture club at Cornell University. These plants — like forced bulbs — are usually considered disposable after they flower. But I’m glad I saved this one to give some angels to dance on the kitchen window sill.

florists cyclamen

florists cyclamen

florists cyclamen

florists cyclamen

florists cyclamen

florists cyclamen

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3 thoughts on “Cyclamen angels”

  1. Is that the fragrant cyclamen? I always hunt for one. I’ve never been able to bring one back from the die-back and rest period but I might try again when I buy one for Valentine’s Day. Happy Bloom Day, it’s made me happy to see this post.

  2. I love the magic you make with your images! Thanks, by the way, for the plant scanning idea from a previous post; I had lots of fun scanning autumn leaves this season.

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