3 thoughts on “Midsummer bouquet”

  1. i like the pop of the yellow in the lantana against the pink petals. although my hummingbirds disagree and tend to complain unless i grow the entirely red version of lantana. which is a pain in the butt to find anymore.

    is there a way to print these creations out large scale on canvas? i think the one that looks quilt-like would be aweome printed on canvas, streched over about a 4×5′ frame, coated in a clear but lumpy gesso, and hung on my dining room wall:)

  2. Merci Delphine.

    jackie: Would love a source of the red lantana. I’ve grown this one into a little lollipop standard and I’m not particularly fond of the pink and yellow — those others love it.

    My son printed some of my earlier efforts on canvas at an online site, though I don’t recall which one. I can check with him. I’ve printed poster size on photographic paper with good results. But I’ve had to go back to the original scans and work with the maximum resolution at every step of the process, which I don’t normally do for what I put on the blog.

    Les at Tidewater Garden has suggested ceramic tiles. If I had the time and money, I’d be all in on that one.

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