Bulbs up

Cut out of work a little early today.  Was still light when I got home and took the doggies out.  Wow.

Snowdrops and Eranthis up and budding.  Lots of other bulbs breaking through.  This is what I’d expect a month from now.

With 40s tomorrow and Saturday, the photo season may start a month early, too.

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3 thoughts on “Bulbs up”

  1. Wow, already? Usually we get that down here in the Bmore area but I wouldn’t have expected that where you guys are.

    … Or maybe should have since our grass never even died this winter. Hard to imagine we were under 2ft of snow last year.

  2. Yep, I’ve got snowdrops too. And I agree with Jackie — I’m in the DC area so it’s no surprise down here. But upstate NY? It’s a changing world out there.

    Also thanks so much for alerting me to Florence + The Machine tonight on Austin City Limits. I checked my local listings, as advised, and was informed that Pearl Jam (yawn) will be on tonight in my area. The listings for ACL are notoriously inaccurate so I give it a 50-50 chance of actually showing up. But I’ll be tuned in and ready for Flo!

  3. I’m seeing the same thing…bulbs AND perennials up already, I even have a few that never went completely dormant…what a strange (non)winter this was.

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