Belated July bloom day scans

Late again as usual.

Thanks, as usual, for Carol for hosting at May Dreams. More scans here. Flower scanning directions are here. Click on images for larger view.

Bottlebrush buckeye.
july scans

Stachys, Nigella.
july scans

Took this little exercise to make me realize how ugly individual monarda flowers are.
july scans

I usually don’t scan seedheads until there’s nothing else to scan in fall. But there are a lot of interesting ones around now.
july scans

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5 thoughts on “Belated July bloom day scans”

  1. I think that my favorite is the buckeye… but the monarda definitely were fascinating. At first glance, I thought that they were blanketflowers! Interesting how scans make you look at things differently.

  2. I love it…the Bottlebrush Buckeye is so beautiful…and I’m loving the seedheads…so fascinating, the variety of them!

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