Scanner test: African violets

The old computer driving the office scanner was acting funky for one of our grad students the other day. So I had a chance to test it out this afternoon. Worked fine. Just couldn’t decide which I liked best — the one with the cover up and the lights off or the one with my black windbreaker draped over the platen.

scanned violets

scanned violets

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6 thoughts on “Scanner test: African violets”

  1. I love these… but admittedly I am a sucker for anything blue or purple. That they are blue and purple ensures my admiration. lol.

  2. Hi. I’m wondering if I can use your image for a project I’m doing. Is this copyrighted? It’s gorgeous.

  3. I hope you don’t mind, but I really want to set this as my wallpaper. If it’s a problem, send me an email to let me know :) they’re really beautiful

  4. Feel free Lynterria. Thanks for asking. (Tried to email you back, but it bounced.)

    It’s kind of ironic as I think that’s one of the first scans I did on a
    crappy scanner with whatever I had at hand. And to tell you the truth, it’s
    still one of my favorites.

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