Garden Footwear Review

While I decide whether or not to take GardenRant up on their very kind offer of free Sloggers, I thought it best if I review what I already have. Being ‘green’, I want to make sure that I’m not engaged in mindless consumerism or becoming a slave to the gardening fashionistas.

Aldo Sandals Fake ‘Merrells’ K-Mart Sneaks

Description: Son’s locker room wear during ’01-’02 hoops season Impulse buy from Walmart clearance bin
circa 2003.
6 months of office attire before called
for garden duty
Price: No clue $12 $19
Off/On: No bending involved. Requires finger at the heal standing on
one foot.
Requires socks, knots — what a hassle.
‘Puttering’: Perfect OK Too much work to put on
Shoveling: Ouch Light digging Pogo in tight soil
Mowing: Too slick Eh Perfect
Snow: Dusting to 1″ Up to 3″ Up to 6″
Temperature: > 25F > 10F with socks Down to -10F
Smell factor: Funky but cleans up nicely Amorphophallus in flower Biohazard
Other uses: Walking the dogs, ‘visiting Quito’ Considered evening wear in Ithaca Rodent repellent
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18 thoughts on “Garden Footwear Review”

  1. Craig, that is outstanding! Way better than Consumer Reports. And a word about real Merrell’s – the overpriced pair I have started falling apart at the seams within 6 months – No shit!! It’s fakes for me from now on. (Even if I weren’t cheap, which I am.)

  2. Hilarious! Hmm….you’ve got all the basic garden uses covered. What would you use the Sloggers for? Besides just flat-out fashion, of course….

  3. Colleen: They’d be good for really dressy occasions in this funky town — weddings, funerals, graduations etc.

  4. This is hilarious – and extremely well-done. You could get this into a peer-reviewed journal I think.

    I could send you biohazard signs for the sneakers. We’re approved as a BSL-2 facility…hmmm. Those shoes might get you up to a BSL-3 level.

  5. Craig: I think there is a mouse in those K Mart tie ups! I think you big win was very timely and no one needs those sloggers more than you!!! LOL

  6. Sharp eyes Layanee. That’s actually a leaf. Biohazards are relegated to the porch all winter, which is a veritable leaf eddy. I did once live in a house where the mice would steal dog food and fill my boots with kibbles.

    And Pam: I’ll ship the sneaks to you when they reach BSL-3. Your students might make some amazing discoveries culturing them.

  7. I agree with Susan — I have a pair of Merrells, and they’re literally the worst shoes I’ve ever owned. I spent almost as much on insoles to try to make them wearable as I did on the shoes. No forefoot cushioning at all.

    They make my feet hurt even when all I do is walk around the garden. Feh.

    I’m looking forward to the Sloggers. I jam my feet into a pair of LL Bean gum boots just because they’re handy.

    Sweat pants and gum boots: the height of Maine fashion!

  8. hahaha- my gardening shoes have become every pair of shoes that I own that I will wear in the summer, sandals included. My husband freaks out when I wear sandals when using a shovel, but hey, I like to live dangerously!

    Great post!

  9. Loved your garden shoe review!

    I have a similiar collection, but must admit I own a pair of Sloggers clogs – got them in spring 07 for half off. They’ve become my garden shoe of choice, easy on and off, sturdy and can hose ’em off. (yeah I know, I sound like an ad for Sloggers.)

    Except for serious digging, then I get out the steel shank boots. Learned that one the hard way.

  10. My feet has started to hurt after working in the garden so I need some expert advice here: I work several days a week in gardens other than my own, so this has to be serious working shoes. Sneaks may not good enough anymore.
    I fear the slip-ons may not give enough support.
    Thanks for any advice.

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