Bloom day scans (and Mason jar)

Thanks, as usual, for Carol for hosting at May Dreams. More scans here. Flower scanning directions are here.

Slim pickin’s around here. (Sweet potato, begonia, violets, lantana.) Just wasn’t in the mood for one of those sullen dead plants scan.

bloom day scans

Some details …

bloom day scans

bloom day scans

bloom day scans

I also fiddled around some with the same material using David Perry’s ‘Macro in a Mason jar’ technique. I still have a few technical bugs to work out. I’m not real proud of my efforts, but will probably scoot over to Gardening Gone Wild to enter in the ‘Picture This’ photo contest that David is judging.

bloom day scans

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8 thoughts on “Bloom day scans (and Mason jar)”

  1. these really are beautiful…you should be proud of them…we are always hardest on ourselves but please take a bow here…so impressive

  2. I hear you on the no dead plants! Nice to see some things are overwintering happily indoors for you. I’m not sure about that mason jar macro technique, but the lighting is very nice and even–do you think you’ll play with it some more?

  3. seems like the begonia, lantana and sweet potato were made for each other. love the chartruesy yellow-green light they’re emanating.

  4. Your scans are beautifully composed…I’m curious about the macro in a mason jar too…I’d like to play around a bit this week with finding some interesting things to shoot…for some reason, I’m a bit more intimidated by the mason jar than the scanner! Happy GBBD!

  5. I love the combinations of colours and textures in the scans. The colours and lighting in the Mason jar photo are great, and the begonia blooms are glistening. Very nice.

  6. Your scans are lovely;-) I never did try out that idea, but enjoyed seeing others. You should try to Mason Jar. I worked on it this past week and plan to upload my post this weekend…if I can force myself to do it;-)

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