Amorphophallus scans

How bad did it stink? Not bad at all. Because I chickened out on Christmas eve, chopped it off, scanned it, and dumped it in the compost pile. There was just a funky little aroma if you put your nose right down into the flower. But as you can see in the scans, things were just getting going inside.

amorphophallus scan

Shot above is close-up of partially dissected flower. Below is about all you can fit on the scanner bed. (I’ll spare you the regions to the north.)
amorphophallus scan

The portion of the flower I removed cried out to be scanned, too. Inside …
amorphophallus scan

And out …
amorphophallus scan

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4 thoughts on “Amorphophallus scans”

  1. The Amorphophallus is extremely disturbing looking never mind the smell. Also the name of the flower sounds like a great name for a condom… just sayin’

  2. Joseph:

    I’d have let it go if I could have moved it outside or at least opened a window. But with a houseful of family yet, I don’t think they’d have put up with it all this time.


    I think there’s already one by that name, but it’s only available at public gardens.

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