4 thoughts on “Sunday walkaround”

  1. Les: Careful readers may recall that, almost a year ago, we had the Norway maple outside our back door taken down. Watch the time-lapse here: http://remarc.com/craig/?p=764 That turned a large area of dry shade into full southern-exposure sun in a high traffic area. Needless to say, all those low-growing, shade-loving plants that I had there and never got around to moving weren’t real happy, though some hung in remarkably well. The area was saved by a bunch of leftover lantanas from work that I socked in among the old maple roots and the cleomes I grew, mostly in pots. They distracted from all the ugliness of limp shadelovers and the sunlovers I moved in that haven’t really settled in yet. That’s how the cleomes saved my ass.

  2. I appreciate your garden pix…ten years ago I had to leave behind a spectacular garden and I can thoroughly understand what you are achieving. Wow.

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