Sunday walkaround


You do know that Amy Stewart is delivering the Cornell Plantations lecture Wednesday? Be there or be square.

Some pix from Sunday ...

Cleomes -- in pots and in the ground -- saved my ass this year.
sunday walkaround

sunday walkaround

Clematis on front porch pole.
sunday walkaround

sunday walkaround

The forgotten cyclamen keeps blooming.
sunday walkaround

sunday walkaround

Fall color, hybrid hazel ...
sunday walkaround

... and dogwood and Parthenocissus in the spruce.
sunday walkaround

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September 27, 2010

anabel @ 7:47 pm #

wow, beautiful photos!!!

September 29, 2010

Les @ 6:13 pm #

Yeah, yeah the pictures are lovely, as always, but your loyal viewers want to know how Cleome saved your ass this summer.

September 30, 2010

Les: Careful readers may recall that, almost a year ago, we had the Norway maple outside our back door taken down. Watch the time-lapse here: That turned a large area of dry shade into full southern-exposure sun in a high traffic area. Needless to say, all those low-growing, shade-loving plants that I had there and never got around to moving weren’t real happy, though some hung in remarkably well. The area was saved by a bunch of leftover lantanas from work that I socked in among the old maple roots and the cleomes I grew, mostly in pots. They distracted from all the ugliness of limp shadelovers and the sunlovers I moved in that haven’t really settled in yet. That’s how the cleomes saved my ass.

October 2, 2010

liz (Elizabeth) Lair @ 7:44 pm #

I appreciate your garden pix…ten years ago I had to leave behind a spectacular garden and I can thoroughly understand what you are achieving. Wow.

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