Pollination stamps

pollinator stampsUSPS news release: WASHINGTON — The nation’s capital was abuzz with excitement today when the U.S. Postal Service unveiled four beautiful Pollination stamps at the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) Symposium. The stamps, which will be released next summer, consist of four images arranged in two alternate and interlocking patterns. The intricate design of these beautiful stamps emphasizes the ecological relationship between pollinators and plants and suggests the biodiversity necessary to ensure the viability of that relationship.

According to Science Daily, crop artist Stan Herd “will take an image from one “Pollinator” stamp — the Southern dogface butterfly — and create a vast facsimile at Pendleton’s Country Market, a family farm between Kansas City and Lawrence. The image will be best viewed aerially from a nearby silo or an aircraft. Herd’s immense stamp reproduction is to incorporate plants that conservationists urge for use in backyard butterfly gardens.”

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  1. Love these stamps and YES give these pollinators LOTS of attention! Everyone must know we have to help them out !
    Here in Canada we have a beautifull series of lilacs stamps! ~L~o~V~e~ your scanned flowers! I’ll try it because I have posted PRESSED flowers.
    I have participated in Gardeners BLOOM SUNDAY! zone 6 Canadian cold Sunday.Brrrrr.

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