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  1. Phlox, dahlias, nicotiana, petunias, marigolds, foxglove, daylily… I named all of the easy ones, someone else can fill in the blanks! Thanks for joining in for bloom day with your scans.

  2. Hmmm… maybe monarda in the lower scan along with dahlia, heuchera (?) and/or achillea I think, but not sure. I’m still fascinated by those bloom scans, though.

  3. I have just recently discovered the scanned flower photos. This is such a lovely process. Something else to do with the new scanner. Is there a white spirea in the second photo?

  4. @healingmagichands: Where did my first comment go???

    In the first scan: petunia, nicotiana, marigold, foxglove, rose campion, day lily, helantus, hardy geraniums, two kinds of lantana, drumstick allium, yarrow, crocosmia, impatiens, echinacea and a long spike of tiny flowers I do not know.

    Second scan appears to be several kinds of spirea, a dahlia, monarda (bee balm), yarrow and vinca (or nicotiana or impatiens — not sure)

    I have been thoroughly enjoying the bloom scans as the challenge from GGW. I can’t imagine why I haven’t tried this before, it is addictive and wonderfully stimulates my creative juices.

  5. My guess:
    1st scan: petunia, heliopsis, marigold, nicotiana, foxglove, astilbe, mint, daylily, hardy geranium, lantana, garden phlox, crocosmia, yarrow, echinacea.
    2nd scan: spirea, zinnia (or dahlia, some of them look alike), queen of the prairie, nicotiana, bee balm, yarrow.

    Great blooms, whatever they are!

  6. Nicely done, Sylvana. In the first one, the heliopsis is actuall a ligularia. Mint a stachys.There’s also an allium hiding in there. too. In the second, the spirea is a sorbaria, and there’s a eupatorium.

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