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Wow. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging. But it’s been busy ’round here — and too hot to shoot pix or even sweat over the keyboard. Apologies. I think I’m acclimated now, as the upper 80s today didn’t seem all that bad.

Here are a few pix, most from at least a week or so ago. Can’t get to many umbells.

Achillea ‘Terra Cotta’ (if I recall correctly).
old pix

Achillea ‘Terra Cotta’ (if I recall correctly).
old pix

I nice creamy yellow Digitalis. Don’t know the species or cultivar.

old pix

The patio, sans Norway maple. It’s going to take me a couple years to adjust, moving out dry shade plants and moving in sun-lovers. The view is still pretty nice.

old pix

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5 thoughts on “Old pix”

  1. Just beautiful. I seem to recall some big change — loss of a large tree maybe?? — in that spot a year or so ago. I especially like the way you’ve done the flagstone in the sitting area.

  2. Craig, I had that kind of a summer last summer… posting time kept getting away from me, and the weather and other general things kept me from having any inspiration to post, too. Glad to see that you seem to be snapping out of it much faster than I did. :)

    By the way, I assume that’s a garlic scape in front of the lovely yarrow… so do you just put the garlic in between perennials in that area? I usually have a little patch/bed of mine, but I am kind of liking the ideas of singles placed like that one is for next year, now that I see your photo…

  3. Pam: Here’s the video of the tree coming down: http://remarc.com/craig/?p=764 Needless to say, big difference for the beds around the patio.

    Oh, Kim. You give me way too much credit. I don’t know how that garlic got in there. I have planted some cloves around in various beds. But this one certainly wasn’t intentional. I sometimes blame the chipmunks, like for the potato that popped up in one bed this year — a definite late-blight risk if I hadn’t killed it.

  4. You have a lovely, lovely blog Craig, I’m so glad we found you through the Facebook link! The digitalis looks like D. ferruginea ‘Yellow Herald.’ Your stand of Verbascum olympicum is most impressive! Cheers!

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