Dr. Seuss plants: Phlomis

I always wonder if Dr. Seuss was inspired by Jerusalem sage (Phlomis spp.) when drawing his imaginary plants. Any other candidates for Dr. Seuss-like plants?


Up close

In context.

More …



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9 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss plants: Phlomis”

  1. I love that phlomis! If I ever get a larger garden, phlomis and crocosmia are the two things that I’m going to plant big stands of… they’d look too “bitty” in my tiny yard, though.

    Oh, here’s my vote for a Seussian plant: Cerinthe!

  2. Oh, it looks fabulous with the variegated miscanthus, Craig. I’m going to remember that combo.

    And I’ve got a garden full of Dr. Seuss plants since I’m into succulents.

  3. I love it! Strange, I always thought it was bigger. must be thinking of Verbascum, the other Seuss plant. I am hoping my blue globe thistles will be Seussy. They’re going to open soon!

  4. This post reminds me I was going to try and save you some of my purple Phlomis once it went to seed. I didn’t I’ll remember this year. My candidate is a houseplant in this neck of the woods — a pencil plant.

  5. This is one of my favorite perennials, and your pictures certainly do it justice. My favorite Dr. Seuss tree is the Crape Myrtle.

  6. My candidates for Dr. Seuss plants are either the iliau (Wilkesia gymnoxiphium) or elephant head amaranth. I guess the amaranth is more Dr. Seuss-meets-Anais Nin…

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