10 thoughts on “Bloom day scans”

  1. Beautiful! Just FYI, your link on Carol’s site took me to your March GBBD post. I was first in awe of your snowdrops, growing in June, till I did a little detective work and found myself here. The colours are much more “busting out all over”.

  2. I like the circles. Is that the Sweet William from David in the middle? I am loving that plant! Sadly, I think I pulled up all the sundrops I had in a bout of “oh no you don’t get to take over this bed!” And then there were none.

  3. that’s more like it… i think your link for june’s GGBD is going to your march bloom day scans… looks like it happened to helen too, oh well, it’s nice to revisit your scans. LOVE your oneothera, lantana, petunia scans this month! nice color combos!

  4. Wow! These are amazing! I discovered your blog and your beauties through Gardening Gone Wild. What a creative way to showcase botanicals and nature! Now it’s time to read the scanning directions, so I can get started!

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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