Garden Blogger Bloom Day Scan 2010 Calendar (Beta)

2010 calendar

2010 calendar
You all asked for it …

Prompted by the many encouraging comments and emails I’ve gotten, I pulled together a calendar of 20 of my favorite bloom day scans I’ve made through the years, more or less matching them to the month they were made. It’s available via my zazzle store.

One caveat: I haven’t yet held the product in my hands, and probably won’t for a few days. So I can’t vouch for the quality and value. I’ve only printed a couple of the images I’ve used in the calendar before, and they looked great. But I expect that with so many scans involved that I might want to touch a few up after I see them in print. Things often look different in hard copy than they do on the screen.

I haven’t fully explored the zazzle site. But I’m planning to use some of these scans for notecards and other products as well. And if I have time, I’ll do a second calendar of photographs. I’ll keep you posted, and once I’m happy with the results I’ll add a permanent link to what’s available over in the right column.

Thanks for your support.

Craig @ Ellis Hollow